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Types Of Mineral Exploration fastweightlossx.com

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Mineral Exploration is the process of finding commercially viable and useful ores for the purpose of mining. Mineral exploration is the first phase of mining cycle. It is a slow procedure and involves many stages and processes. The first stage is identifying those areas that may have a certain type of ore deposit which could be useful as a resource. It involves a lot of research, study, collection of useful data from various resources and effective planning.

1) Preliminary or “grassroots” exploration involves identifying those areas which could be a prospective mining area and may have rich deposits.

2) “Brownfield” exploration is exploring areas around a known mining area, for additional deposits.

3) On-mine-site exploration is done to conduct a detailed research or study on a mineral resource which has already been found.

Once a deposit of a mineral has been identified, the initial prospecting takes place. Samples of the mineral deposits are collected from ore body. Drilling is the most common and effective way of doing this. The three basic types of drilling which are commonly used for mineral exploration are:

a) Auger Drilling b) Rotary Percussion Drilling and c) Diamond drill.

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