GET YOLK: How To Shop For Eggs (protein powder muscle diet food nutrition)  Weight Loss Guiding

GET YOLK: How To Shop For Eggs (protein powder muscle diet food nutrition) Weight Loss Guiding

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GET YOLK: How To Shop For Eggs (protein powder muscle diet food nutrition)

The clip of Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC 1), Jeff Figearo, has been broadcast with permission from I get a lot of questions about eggs, so I thought it’d be appropriate to do a 2 part series talking about which eggs to buy, and then the ideal way to consume them. Google: images of “caged chickens” so you can see the poor conditions these chickens are being raised in. And know that when you buy conventional / commercially raised eggs you are supporting this. SUBSCRIBE to Dr. Mercola’s weekly emails and my video’s. Books: How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy! by Paul Chek Take Control of Your Health by Dr. Mercola Audio You Are What You Eat by Paul Chek Attaining Optimal Health in the 21st Century by David Getoff

@Squabbles10 there a bad and good cholesterol this is what youlk does, replacing bad by good one.

Thank you very much for this upload. Your cause is not gone unnoticed. Keep making them videos man.

This video is great, thanks! How did you find all your info?

Great video! Very true easy to follow.

Should I just eat the shell?

You’re handsome. Where do you live?

Anyways, enough of that, thanks for the video. I knew eggs weren’t bad for me.

it is pretty cheap/ez to have your own free range chickens in your backyard

Cholesterol is your friend. It is a Nutrient !

6 eggs for $5? they are not your frenz!

Not to mention salmonella is only present on the egg shell – so how they’re handled/stored is relevant.

How animals are raised for meat production and the impact that the conventional livestock industry has on the environment should also be considered when making food purchasing choices. Mainstream livestock production is a disgusting, criminal industry. Vote against it by spending your dollars on ethically raised animals.

we get Vit D from sun and from food.

However, we dont really need much to survive.

Thus we dont need much light.

But we perform better with sun light and natural environments with sunlight as opposed to in a basement jail cell.

yea the vitamin d argument for chickens is bs as they have feathers. lol

‘Some people think that Vitamin D is part of the rays in sunshine. Therefore, common wisdom has said that given a few hours a day of full spectrum light, birds will be healthful and happy. The truth of this matter is simple: birds require sunlight for health, and receive all of the Vitamin D they require from balanced dietary sources. The rest is a myth.’ I am quoting here.

Chickens do not use sunlight to make Vitamin D. There are only a handful of animals that do.

Believe it or not but birds actually do produce Vitamin D from sunlight.

…range eggs which have dull yellow yolks, the Free Ranged and Organic produce has orange yolks…interesting hey! Surprised that no animal activist has picked up on this little nuance!

I don’t think Chicken’s bodies use sunlight to make vitamin D, it happens in human beings, we can make it in their skin but a Chicken, unless it has been shaved isn’t showing any skin. Relatively few animals use sunlight to make vitamin D, as most are covered in a coat, whereas humans are as bald as a Chicken (excuse the pun, couldn’t resist)!!

Anyway, I have to admit that when cutting open a boiled egg I can see the difference between Organic and Free Ranged compared to commercial….

very informative…straight forward information…no bs….excellent…keep it coming man.

im vegetarian so right on man

very informative, these types of videos are a big help…

Do you have your own channel?

There is for sure. Search for food a “coop” in your area online. Also search google for “farmers markets” in your area or state. That should get you far.

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