Healthy Kids, Socorro Project Overview and Quarterly Newsletter

Healthy Kids, Socorro Project Overview and Quarterly Newsletter

The Department of Health (DOH) has awarded the Healthy Kids grant to seventeen communities in New Mexico and provided education and resources for advocates, stakeholders, and organizations to improve health through obesity prevention. Healthy Kids, Socorro works to initiate and partner with programs that encourage youth and community members to eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle.

Given that overweight or obese children often grow up to be overweight or obese adults, Healthy Kids, Socorro seeks to implement the New Mexico Plan to Promote Healthier Weight by encouraging healthy behaviors such as: 1.) Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, 2.) Reducing portion sizes, 3.) Limiting screen time, 4.) Exercising at least one hour a day, and 5.) Making water the drink of choice instead of sugary beverages. Healthy Kids, Socorro activities will focus on assisting lower socio-economic populations, especially those accessing Food Stamps, TANF, SNAP, and food programs, by working to make locally grown fresh foods available in season and helping to educate buyers on cooking, canning, and preserving practices. By applying the social ecologic model of swaying public policy to illicit personal change, our goal is to create community and regional networks that increase access to healthy foods and opportunities to become active. Improvement of communication between stakeholders in the built environment, school environment, food system, public information, and the youth engagement sectors will lead to a sharing of resources and will empower Socorro County residents to make positive changes.

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