Is An Innovative Program Which Will

Is An Innovative Program Which Will

Direct-PayTM Is An Innovative Program Which Will Provide A Steady
Stream of Referral Sale

Interested? We''ll Show You How!

In addition to earning 100% of each Financial Freedom Course that you market, how would you like to be paid a one time $70 for every person you send our way that becomes a reseller? Even better, how would you like it if every day someone came to you and said... "I have sold aDirect PayTM Advanced Financial Freedom Plan (AFFP) membership. I don''t want the commission, here you take the sale as if it were your own!"

Our Direct-PayTM System leverages your own efforts by using a powerful referral system which enables you to have hundreds and even thousands of Direct Pay TM sales handed to you by others and you make 100% of the referral fee. In fact all commissions are paid to you directly to your ExecutiveVisa Card.

Imagine having people hand you two referral sales each? The commission from these sales will be paid directly to you. $70 commissions are paid to you on each $119 new AFFP reseller . We will also pay you $20 reoccurring commission from the 29.95 monthly membership fee after the second referral sale. As you can see we are paying back to the field a significant amount of the monies we receive.

It''s easy and simple to follow the step by step instructions.

Make your first 2 referral sales. The commissions from your two AFFP sales, along with the future dowline sales of these first 2 people are passed to the person who introduced you to this program.

Begin earning commissions after your first 2 referrals. You will be paid a $70 start-up commission for each AFFP sale, starting with your 3rd personal sale. In addition to your personal sales, each person starting with your 3rd person agrees to give YOU their first 2 referral commissions.

These 2 referrals will then give you their first 2 referrals, making four new sales...These four then hand you eight. These referrals begin to multiply and continue to pay out 10 levels deep.

Keep in mind each person gives their first two AFFP sales before they begin earning.

Just Start Telling Other''s About Direct PayTM and our amazing system will go to work for you!

Believe me, once you get started, you will want to share it with everyone!

REMEMER ALL YOU DID WAS REFER 3 people. This is not MLM, but a simple referral system whereby people are helping others. Referral sales continue to the tenth level where you could have 128 on that level alone, giving you a possible total in this scenario of 255 people in your organization. Because you are paid an ADDITIONAL $20 Each Month on each of these people, you will be also earning.... another $5,100 in residual income off that one leg alone!

It just keeps growing and growing!!

Everyone pays a monthly fee for our Marketing
Tool Package You will earn cash over and over again

Just think, what would happen if you personally
referred a 4th, 5th or even a 6th person?

Our system allows you to personally sell as many as
you want, starting another referral line.