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People often think of the parasites as a thing of an unhygienic past. However, the problem of the parasites in our modern ‘clean” society is much more serious than one can imagine.

The truth is that almost every single creature on our planet has internal and external parasites, and humans are no exception. The human parasites, especially parasites in the intestines and colon are very common. However, since many people eat animals and animal derived products, they also inhabit the pathogens, which normally live inside the cattle, pigs, chicken, et cetera. On top of this, we now travel to the “exotic” parts of the world, where usually acquire all kinds of presents, and bring them back with us without even knowing it.

Just because we have never questioned whether we had any parasites or have not developed any serious symptoms, does not mean that we do not have them.

The pathogens find their ways into our bodies in so many ways:

The parasites can be easily transmitted from person to person through the saliva, and other bodily liquids; A newborn baby receives all his/her mother’s pathogens at the moment of birth; Through the poor hygienic standards of the restaurants. Not everywhere the stuff is required to wear gloves while handling the food. The same goes for the cooking at home, - there are loads of the parasites eggs stored underneath the nails). Through food: undercooked/uncooked meat, fish, eggs (ice-cream, desserts often contain raw eggs, for example); badly washed salads and vegetables. By drinking the unsanitary water Contact with the pets and animals

The harmful organisms live in our bodies without us even being aware of it. The signs could be quite subtle and easily dismissed (but can make you quite ill):

The lowered immune system; Vaginal yeast infections; Bad mouth breath; Skin problems (rashes, eczema, acne, discoloration, so on); Changes in the bowel habits (like constipation); Problems with the digestion, also bloating and gases; An itchy anus.

The parasites can invade the stomach, intestines, colon, liver, kidneys, blood, and even the brain can contain the various parasites. All of these can affect how you feel and dramatically affect your energy levels.

They could be the underlining causes of many health problems, for example:

Irritable bowel syndrome; Obesity and overweight; Diabetes; Herpes; Fatigue; Depression Joint pain and Arthritis; Problems with the conceiving; Candida; Stomach ulcer; Prostate problems; Back problem; Headache; Earache; Throat ache; Claucoama; Fibriomyoitis; Autism; Crohn’s Disease; Schizophrenia.

Our ‘clean’ and advanced life style made the problem of the parasites worse. The variety of the pollutants bombarding our bodies is enormous:

Metal pollution (dental fillings, pipes); Certain ingredients in the products of personal hygiene (deodorants, creams, hair sprays, shampoos); Solvents (like wood alcohol – Methanol); Molds in food (mycotoxins, aflatoxins)

Many pollutants form the deposits in the organs and tissues, providing new welcoming home for the pathogens. This kind of combination seriously weakens the proper function of these parts and is harmful to the overall health.

Parasites are common. The parasites are far more common than people might think. It is important to take action straight away and get rid of them. Types of parasites There are many different types of the parasites, which can affect humans. Here are some examples:


The following natural herbs are known to be very powerful but simple to use remedies for the parasite eradication: Black Walnut Hull Tincture (Alcohol based, 50ml) is an extract of the unripe Walnut outer hull. Due to its liquid form, this solution reaches and eradicates the harmful organisms from the most difficult parts of the body to reach (like the internal part of the eyeball or the bowel content).

Cloves (450-500 mg capsules) (Syzygium Aromaticum) and Super W Blend capsules (Wormwood, Pau D''arco, Thyme, Quassia) are high potency anti-parasites remedies.

50ml Black Walnut Hull Extract, 100 Clove Capsules, 100 Wormwood

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